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"Flowers are a Universal Language that Every Bride Understands"

Time to talk flowers! I LOVE flowers! Most brides know what they want their flowers to look like before they even know their venue. For me, I knew I wanted all wildflowers with primarily Sunflowers. For you, you may want a King Protea, succulents, white Ranuculus, and some Eucalyptus. On average your florals will be 10% of your total budget. Every bride will have a different bouquet and that is okay! Now lets talk details of picking the perfect flowers for your perfect day.


The History

So where did wedding flowers come from? Wedding flowers date back to ancient Romans and Greeks when brides would carry:

  • garlic to scare off the wicked spirits and temptation

  • herbs and grains for fertility

  • sugar to sweeten their marriage

  • ivy for eternal love

  • sage for wisdom

  • dill for lust

  • orange blossoms for fertility

Eventually, the herbs were replaced with flowers. The flowers were incorporated to signify new beginnings, fidelity, and fertility. Bridal bouquets were started by Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert. During the Victorian era, flowers started being given as a symbol of love. Each flower represented a different trait that the bride would carry for the rest of her life.

Today, flowers no longer have the symbolism that they used to but are still used to add color. Flowers are no longer a wedding symbol but instead a wedding accessory. They signify the brides taste and personality.


Flower Meanings

As described above, flowers used to have symbolism. If you want to incorporate symbolism into your bouquet, check out the list below for some of the most popular flowers.

  • Amaryllis: beauty

  • Anemone: anticipation

  • Anthurium: hospitality

  • Baby's Breath: festivity and innocense

  • Calla Lilly: regal and beauty

  • Carnation: gratitude and boldness (pink), pure love and talent (white), love (red), refusal (striped)

  • Cherry Blossom: fragility of life

  • Chrysanthemum: joy, wealth, abundance, and truth

  • Clematis: ingenuity and mental beauty

  • Cornflower: prosperity and friendship

  • Daffodil: new beginnings and happiness

  • Dahlia: commitment

  • Daisy: innocence

  • Delphinium: swiftness and lightness

  • Forsythia: anticipation

  • Freesia: innocence and friendship

  • Gardenia: purity and joy

  • Gerbera Daisy: cheerfulness

  • Hyacinth: sport or play

  • Hydrangea: perseverance and heartfelt emotion

  • Iris: faith, valor, and wisdom

  • Japonica: graciousness

  • Larkspur: beautiful spirit

  • Lavender: devotion and virtue

  • Lilac: first love

  • Lily: modesty and virginity (white), passion (orange)

  • Lily of the Valley: sweetness and purity of heart

  • Magnolia: nobility and dignity

  • Muscari: mystery, calm, and creativity (purple), power and confidence (purple)

  • Orchid: refinement and charm

  • Peony: happy marriage

  • Poppy: pleasure (red), wealth and success (yellow)

  • Protea: courage and diversity

  • Queen Anne's Lace: delicate femininity and complexity

  • Ranunculus: radiant charm and attractiveness

  • Rose: passionate love (red), admiration (pink), purity (white)

  • Snapdragon: gracious lady

  • Stephanotis: good luck

  • Stock: lasting beauty

  • Sunflower: dedicated love

  • Sweet Pea: blissful pleasure

  • Tulip: declaration of love (red), sunshine (yellow)

  • Tweedia: peace and harmony

  • Zinnia: lasting affection (magenta), constancy (scarlet)


Choosing Your Flowers

There are several steps that need to happen before choosing your flowers.

1. Make a budget

2. Gather inspiration

3. Know your color scheme

4. Pick a florist

5. Take it one step at a time

Making a budget is the first step that should happen with any step of the wedding planning process. Without a budget YOU WILL go way over your total budget. The average couple will spend between $1,500 and $3,000 of their wedding flowers but some brides spend more than $5,000 on flowers.

Gather inspiration for what your wedding will look like. A great place to start is Pinterest, but also look into flowers that have been photographed by photographers you are interested in (kill 2 birds with one stone) as wells as Instagram. Gather inspiration for bridal bouquet, grooms boutonniere, bridesmaids bouquets, groomsmen boutonnieres, flower girl flowers, flowers for the moms and dads, ceremony decor, head table decor, reception decor, centerpieces, etc.

As you start to choose your inspiration you should start to see a common color scheme. Make this obvious to your florist when you start looking so that everyone is on the same page. I personally like to go to Lowe's or Home Depot and create or color scheme using paint swatches so that I can easily switch colors in and out to make the perfect color scheme.

Now it's time to choose our florist. For some of us we want to have an large, extravagant presence of flowers while some of us want a bridal bouquet and a grooms boutonniere. Both of these routes are great options. If you are wanting large and extravagant florals, you should look for a florist that specializes in statement pieces and large installments. If you are looking to keep your budget down, look into a local florist or grocery store. Finally, if you are looking for flowers that last a lifetime look into sola wood flowers.


Flower checklist

Below is a list of every possible flowers that you would need for your wedding but doe not mean you need all of them.

Flowers for specific people:

  • Bride's bouquet

  • Bride's floral crown or hair flowers

  • Bridesmaids' bouquets

  • Tossing bouquet (for the bouquet toss at the reception)

  • Flower girl's bouquet (or basket of petals, floral crown, or pomander)

  • Groom's boutonniere

  • Groomsmen's boutonnieres

  • Ring bearer's boutonniere

  • Mother of the bride's corsage or nosegay

  • Mother of the groom's corsage or nosegay

  • Father of the bride's boutonniere

  • Father of the groom's boutonniere

  • Grandmothers' corsages

  • Grandfathers' boutonnieres

  • Officiant's boutonniere

  • Ushers' boutonnieres

Flowers for ceremony:

  • Entryway or welcome table arrangements

  • Altar or chuppah arrangements

  • Pew or chair arrangements

  • Aisle decorations

  • Tossing petals for guests

Flowers for reception:

  • Centerpieces

  • Cocktail table arrangements

  • Bar arrangements

  • Escort card table arrangements

  • Centerpieces

  • Newlyweds' chair decorations

  • Buffet table/food station arrangements

  • Lounge area arrangements

  • Flowers for wedding cake

  • Cake table arrangements

  • Powder room decorations

  • Getaway car arrangements


20 Questions to ask your florist

1. Are you available for my date?

2. Have you done floral design at my venue before?

3. What does the owner/lead florist do for setup and what does their interns do?

4. Once I sign the contract, is the price locked or can it go up based on flower prices?

5. How many weddings do you do in one day?

6. Will you create exactly what I am wanting or do you need full creative freedom?

7. How long does it take for you to respond to emails, texts, phone calls?

8. How far out can I change my florals?

9. Do I need to pick up the flowers or will you deliver?

10. If you are delivering, what is the delivery fee?

11. How long have you been doing floral design?

12. What design style do you work with most?

13. Can you work with my budget?

14. How can I best maximize my budget?

15. What flowers are in season for my date?

16. What other decor do you offer?

17. When do you make the floral arrangements for my wedding?

18. What deposit is needed to secure my date?

19. Will you send my an itemized list with prices?

20. Will you stay at my site through the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?


Flowers by Season


  • Ranunculus

  • Sweet Pea

  • Peony

  • Freesia

  • Cosmos

  • Anemone


  • Sunflower

  • Dahlia

  • Cornflower

  • Zinnia

  • Snapdragon


  • Thistle

  • Calla Lily

  • Agonis

  • Celosia

  • Leucadendron


  • Narcissus

  • Tulip

  • Daffofil

  • Scabiosa

  • Lily of the Valley

Year Round

  • Roses

  • Succulents

  • Veronica

  • Delphinium

  • Hydrangea

  • Craspedia


Post Wedding

The wedding is over and now you have $3000 worth of flowers and no idea what to do with them. You have a couple of option that you can do with them.


Preserving your bouquet is an amazing option. I not only preserved my bouquet but also the wreath that I had hanging at my ceremony site. Preservation can be pressed, silica dried, or resin. Make sure you research which preservation method you want before booking. My preservation pieces below were completed by emPRESSED Floral.


Donating flowers could really make someone's day. My favorite donation locations are the hospital, assisted living, Alzheimer care centers, and Hospice facilities. If you are going to throw them away at the end of the night why not donate.

Give them away

Send your guests home with centerpiece arrangements or bud vase. Send your vendors home with flowers, none of this would be possible without them. Give them a token of appreciation.



Flowers are a key part to so many weddings. If you want to keep the historical meaning to your bouquet pick out some flowers based on their meaning. Pinterest will be your best friend as you choose your flowers. Make a checklist of what flowers you are wanting before talking with your florist to get the most accurate quote. As you go to talk with your florist make sure you have a list of questions to ensure you know everything you need to when choosing your florist. Choose flowers based on season but don't eliminate flowers entirely, check availability with your florist. Finally, before your wedding day know what the plan is for your flowers after the wedding. If you are wanting to have them preserved this needs booked in advance.

*all photos by the AMAZING Wilderlove Co. Photogrpahy


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